Our Guarantee

If you have doubts about the product’s efficiency, we invite you to get in touch with our support team. They will respectfully suggest information on how to use Bone Master to their full potential.

Please note that we only allow one refunded order by customer. The degree of efficiency of Bone Master may vary depending on the subject.

We will accept to issue full refunds only under the following conditions:

  • The return package must have arrived at our warehouse within 90 days of you having placed your order online.
  • The return package must contain all the containers that were shipped to you.
  • We will not refund any credit card, paypal, shipping and handling fees.
  • Only purchases made with a credit card will be covered by the refund policy: other orders cannot be refunded.
  • You will be contact by email once we have received the package and a credit has been issied.